The Story of RHODE

Our founders, Phoebe and Purna, were randomly
selected to be college roommates. Not everyone clicks
with their roommate, let alone becomes lifelong friends
and business partners. Without that happenstance
connection, Rhode wouldn’t exist.

P & P lived and worked apart for years, but found
themselves wanting to pivot their careers at the same
time. They wanted to create something together.
Something that was curated but inspired by the varied
cultures and aesthetics they had experienced
throughout the world.

In 2012, Rhode was born – a destination and
representation of forever being on the journey of life. A
brand with high-quality wardrobe pieces of standout
colors, silhouettes and patterns. Instantly, Rhode had a

When people wear Rhode, they get stopped on the street.
All the time. Not just because the clothes tend to elicit a
visceral reaction (although they do), but because the
women who wear them feel comfortable and confident,
causing a magnetic response.