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If you have yet to come across Loria Stern and her unbelievable artistry in the kitchen, we highly recommend checking out her Instagram and website. Never has there been so much floral, color and cooking inspiration all wrapped up into one passionate individual. After making the move down from Santa Barbara to the quaint hillsides of east Los Angeles, we were fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with Loria, getting a first-hand look at her decorative prowess, and the beginnings of an all-new home garden.

Putting on the finishing touches in our dreamy Serena Thread Embroidery Dress.

Q. Tell us about how your flower cookery began...

A. I grew up in Ojai, CA, and have always loved spending time in nature and learning about plants and gardening. In 2013 I was working as a pastry chef at a fancy hotel and was also enrolled in an adult education Edible and Medicinal plant class. It was then that I started combining edible and medicinal flora and fauna into cookery.

Q. Fall is right around the corner. Which produce items are you most excited to work with this season?  

A. I am so excited for squash, pomegranates and citrus!


Q. We love that you implement creative waste reduction and water conservation practices. Tell us more about that process.

A. Thanks so much!  I believe it's very important for every individual to do their part to help reduce waste. I have many practices that I implement but for the most part, I try to utilize every edible part of a vegetable or fruit when eating, I compost, and wash dishes with as little water as possible. I water my plants on top of each other so they share discarded waters, and reuse plastic ziplock bags until they are essentially unusable!

Inside her beautiful home wearing the Emma Dress in Navy.

Q. What's growing in your home garden right now?  

A. I have a lot of different edible flowers and herbs! Let's see, there's nasturtium, coreopsis, marigold, begonia, fennel, geranium, fuschia, lemongrass, dainthius, plumbago, several varieties of mint, thyme and bergamot. Then there's fruits and veggies like kaffir limes, eureka lemons, kumquats, figs, watermelons, jalapenos, squash, lettuce, cabbage, kale, chives, and some green peppers. 

Q. What's on your playlist while you're in the kitchen?

A. I enjoy a wide range of music although right now I'm in a classical phase, so calming and serene! 


 Loria enjoying the views from her new home in Los Angeles, wearing the Chartreuse Batik Ella Dress.

Q. How has quarantine affected your business - and your creativity?  

A. Quarantine has actually increased my online treat business, which I am so grateful for! 

Q. Tell us about your ideal dinner menu. (You don't have to be the one cooking it!)  

A. I love Indian food, they are my favorite flavors and textures, all the spices and colors!



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